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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about One Day, One Pack, One Goal.

What is Give Day?

The College of Idaho's Day of Giving is an inspiring 24 hour event for alumni, faculty, staff, students, family, and friends to come together and support the College. On April 3rd, Yotes can give back to their school and support the students, faculty, and staff. We encourage you, Yotefam, to show your love of the College and give. You will have a lasting impact on The College of Idaho, our students, and our future in amazing ways.

When is it?

Give Day will take place on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 starting at 12:00 AM (MST) through 11:59 PM on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Why should I participate?


Your participation matters at The College of Idaho. Here’s why…


Every year, thousands of College of Idaho alumni, parents, friends, and students make gifts to the College. These generous contributions range in size, but every gift is transformative, helping our students to discover, connect, and achieve great things around the globe.


Alumni participation is crucial for The College of Idaho to thrive…

Alumni participation is one of the key measures that various surveys such as US News & World Report considers when ranking colleges and universities. Your gift can help The College of Idaho continue to climb in the rankings and is an investment in the value of your own degree.


When added together, small gifts do big things. Think a gift of $25 won’t make a difference for The College of Idaho? It definitely will. In the 2017 academic year, over 2,100 donors supported the College’s Annual Fund, which helped the College provide student scholarships, library and technology enhancements, career development programs, resources for athletics and much more.


Your gift has the power to help The College of Idaho raise even more. Many corporations and foundations use alumni participation rates as a determining factor in deciding whether or not to fund grant requests.  Additionally, strong alumni participation rates attracts the support of larger donors who like to invest in success.


A gift to the College is seen as an endorsement, and shows that you believe in its continued ability to succeed.

How do I give?

To make a gift on April 3rd, visit https://yotesgive.collegeofidaho.edu.


When the campaign is live, you can click the "Give Now" button at the top of the website. If you've reached this page before or after the campaign but would still like to make a gift to the College, please visit: https://www.collegeofidaho.edu/gifts2

Where will my gift go?


It's up to you! You have a wide variety of designations to choose from on the giving page, as well as an option to choose another designation if you have one in mind that is not on the list.  


However, we do encourage giving to the Boone Fund, as it provides funds to the areas of most need for the College. The Boone Fund covers all additional operating expenditures that are not covered by tuition and fees and provides scholarship money to students.

Are there other ways I can help?


We only have 24 hours, and we want to reach as many Yotes as possible. Use your social media platforms to help bring awareness to the event. For an easy way to share the event, you can become an ambassador at https://yotesgive.collegeofidaho.edu/giving-day/5656/signup. This is our social media sharing tool that will allow you to share the campaign!


Make sure you use the hashtag- #YotesGive2018 - in your posts!

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes! Gifts are 100 percent tax deductible. After you make your gift, you will receive an official receipt by mail that can be used for tax purposes.”

Still have questions?

Contact us at boonefund@collegeofidaho.edu