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Giving back to The College of Idaho has been a tradition since its founding in 1891. 90% of students receives scholarship money from The College of Idaho to attend the school. This is in large part due to alumni giving.  As seniors enter into the elite group of alumni, giving back is a way to say "Thank You" for all the College has done for them and continue the tradition of giving so future generations have the opportunity to become a Yote.  We know students are busy paying for school, but $5 goes a long way. You can't repay scholarships but you can pay them forward.

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We unlocked all $30,000 in matching funds! Thank you! Your support truly means so much to the whole Yote community!
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Faculty/Staff Giving
Between on-line and off-line giving, we received over 50 faculty/staff gifts. Steve Maughan and David Douglass took one for the team and were pied on the Quad earlier today. Stay tuned to the College's social media pages for video!!
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