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COVID-19 made colleges all over the nation make quick decisions about their students and their living situations as campuses closed. Many schools gave students a matter of hours to leave campus, without finding out if they had a safe and stable place to land.  There are some tragic stories emerging around the country as to the struggles some students are having even being able to continue their education as they grapple with basic necessities and appropriate study space.  We simply could not do this to our students.  Many cannot get home and host families in these times are not an option.  Some have no home or unstable homes to return to.  Every student has a compelling story and they are extraordinarily grateful to be at The College of Idaho.


While The College of Idaho is happy to make sure students are taken care of, it does create a need for new funding.  All students living and eating on campus will work 300 hours this summer to contribute to their room and board costs, but the food cost is an added expense in a time of lost revenue and other added expenses like cleaning and supplies.


If you are in a position to help a student and would like to make a gift, it costs $18.00 to feed a student for a day. If you would like to make a larger gift,  $126.00 will feed a student for a week, or a gift of $504 will feed a student for a month. 


Christian Garcia is one of the students affected by COVID-19 who will be staying this summer due to these unforeseen circumstances. 


"COVID-19 caught all of us off guard, but it is during these times that I am the most grateful to be part of this community. After four years of not seeing my family in Venezuela given the political-economic situation of the country, I had planned to visit them this summer. A plan that had to be canceled given the circumstances. I had many questions raised by the uncertainty of the situation, but those were answered by the College's response and support. The College's response makes me feel like the administration really cares about us. Often times people forget to appreciate the value of having something to eat or just a place to sleep. I have talked to many of my friends in other places about how their colleges have helped them during this time, and the support we are receiving here at the C of I has no point of comparison. This makes me proud of being part of this community and makes me confident and hopeful about the future."


We would like to thank two of our Yote Heroes, Del Taco and Albertsons, who have both already agreed to sponsor one meal a week per student. This generosity truly means a lot to The College of Idaho and our students. 




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